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Simple Natural Steps To Cure Acne

Acne is a most common problem to millions of people across the world. Suffering from acne has many disadvantages for example your spots will feel sore, you will try to pick or touch them, then after then you realize oh my I have a blemish now, people wouldn't even care to look at you nor you wish to look at yourself in the mirror.

Acne is best described in a category of spots, white-heads, pimples etc caused by bacteria on face and to eating disorder. Mostly 12- 25 yrs old suffer from acne.

Main problem is that your skin is producing very much sebum an 'oily lubricant' and the excess of it is blocking your pores. Acne can occur nearly everywhere on your body, face to arms to legs even the backside. So if you have oily skin its a higher chance of you gaining a spot, it's best to keep the skin condition balanced.

Tip: Raw potato can heal those nasty white-heads, slice a potato just a lilttle and rub it on the white-head, leave on for 15 mins for it to work and then rinse off with warm water.

Tip: Almond Oil and Tea Tree Oil plays an important role in rehydrate the skin and to help clear any sign of blemishes, apply at night just before bed.

Tip: Aloe vera, the best gift for mankind. aloe vera is the most amazing product for clear skin, it is best known as clearing away and redness, spots, bacteria, blemishes, dry skin conditions and much more. You can get aloe vera gel from good health shops or chemists.

Tip: Lemon juice helps alot when coming to blemishes and pimples just apply with a cotton wool on the deserted area, leave on 15 mins and then rinse.

Tip: Toothpaste, yes thats right toothpaste, it has an active ingredient inside that helps to reduce the swelling of spots and redness, whenever we use to get a spot, burn, redness, bruise we always applied toothpaste it helped a lot.

Make sure you keep your skin clear, try not to touch your face with dirty hands. Prevent from touching, picking or squeezing any sort of spot because you would not like it after as it forms a blemish.

There are many products out there from the high street markets and the internet selling many product to cure acne, do they work? which one works? we'll that's for you to decide after doing a good research on the product. It's best to give it a shot on the natural side of curing your acne than going for expensive products.

Drink plenty of water, eat fruit and veg daily to help you maintain good clear skin, stay away from oily foods as it can generate oil in your skin.

Hope you are up and ready to try the simple natural steps to acne free.


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