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Great Natural Recipes for Acne

Natural recipes for acne skin care have become more popular because many conventional treatments contain chemicals, which often make acne worse. More people than ever are considering or using recipes for natural skin care because, along with being aware of conventional treatment side effects, people want natural remedies that are completely safe, and help prevent or cure acne and the scars from it.

Homemade recipes provide treatment and remedies that many people prefer, instead of using over the counter products. There are many homemade recipes that provide natural treatment for varying degrees of acne, helping people avoid conventional treatments and prescription drugs that often cause serious side effects. Here are a few quick and easy home remedies for fighting acne:

* Used daily to prevent blackheads and pimples, combine equal amounts of fresh lime juice with groundnut oil and apply to your face. Wash this mixture off after fifteen minutes using lukewarm water.

* Another of the many recipes for this affliction that will give you a clear complexion within two weeks is by making a paste combining honey and cinnamon powder. Apply this to your face every evening for fourteen nights just before bed and remove with lukewarm water in the morning.

* Drink eight to ten glasses of water daily, exercise, eat proper nutritious meals, and follow a good skin care program to help clear up and prevent acne.

* To treat acne, eczema, insect stings, and other problems, dab your face with fresh mint juice each night.

* Cucumber juice applied on affected skin helps keep it cool and calm. Whether you combine this with lettuce and carrot juice or use it alone, it makes an excellent topical application.

* Recipes for natural skin care for acne include citric fruit juices such as lemon juice. A natural exfoliate, fresh lemon juice removes dead skin cells and cleans your pours. Simply apply fresh lemon juice on your face using cotton balls and rinse off after ten minutes with cool water. Your face will look and feel wonderful.

* In a bowl of water, add three or four lettuce leaves for approximately fifteen minutes. Remove the leaves and rinse your face with the water that contains nutrients from the lettuce.

There are a huge number of natural recipes for acne on the market today to help cure and prevent this affliction!


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