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Taking Control Of Your Acne Control

While you may sometimes feel that your individual acme problem is the worst the world has ever seen, and quite beyond the reach of treatments, the truth is that a wide variety of acne control products are now available. You simply need to find the ones which can target your specific type of acne, by being honest about the seriousness of your acne condition. Do that on you own or with a dermatologist, and from there you can choose among prescription acne control medications; antibiotics; cleansers; or topical applications formulated to help you achieve acne control in the shortest possible time.

Acne Control: More Options Than You May Know

Even if you are only one are among the millions and millions of people who have been a afflicted with acne at some point during their lives, you may feel like you are entirely alone. You've tried everything form of acne control of which you can think, and at best your results have been temporary. You may have reached the discouraging conclusion that permanent acne control or elimination is not in the cards for you. But don't throw in the acne medication covered towel just yet.

The reality is that there is an astonishing variety of a acne control treatments, and the chances of you having used all of them in your struggles is small. But you need to find the acne control which is best suited to your particular situation. Begin by being honest about the severity of your current acne outbreak.

If you are dealing with a relatively mild case of acne, you may be able to eradicate it with a kinder and gentler from of acne control. But a tough case of acne will demand tough acne control measures, and you want your acne control choice to be commensurate with the job it has to do.

Prescription Acne Control

If you honestly can't decide the seriousness of your condition, head for a dermatologist or other doctor for a professional opinion. With that in hand, you'll know what sort of acne control is required. You may even end up with an acne control prescription in hand, if the battle ahead looks like a grinder. Both ProActive and Accutane are highly regarded for their effectiveness against tough acne cases, in both men and women of all ages.

But neither of these acne control medications is acceptable for women who are either pregnant or nursing, because some of their components are known to cause birth defects or damage to breastfeeding infants.

Antibiotics For Acne Control

Acne occurs when bacteria normally found on the skin, and usually harmless, collects in a facial hair follicle and destroys its lining. The diseased follicular lining cells make their way to the skin's surface, causing the inflammation you experience as acne. So many dermatologists recommend antibiotics as a form of acne control.

The antibiotics will help reduce the amount of bacteria which accumulate around the hair follicle, and will also fight the inflammatory substances which result when white blood cells are produced by the body to ward off infection. Using antibiotics for acne control will also lower the level of fatty acids in your skin's oils, which further limits inflammation.

If you would prefer not to take an acne control pill, but to tackle your problem from the outside, there are several acne control creams and gels which have excellent reputations. If your acne falls somewhere within the mild and moderate ranges, your doctor will almost certainly suggest one of these topical acne control treatments.

There are many different acne control weapons available, and if you are fighting the depression which can accompany a stubborn case of acne, get a realistic and professional assessment of your condition. Then target it with acne control treatments of the appropriate nature and strength, and enjoy the feeling that comes with knowing you are taking matters into your own hands!


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