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3 Home Made Tips to Get Rid of Acne

Although the doctors will certainly differ from this view, still I would say that home made tips to get rid of acne are way better than swallowing a handful of those antibiotic and hormone pills everyday. They are certainly better than visiting a skin specialist here, since skin specialists cannot help you out. I have said in some of my past articles that home remedies do not work, and in most cases they do not. However a proper diet and exercise pogram can go a long way to treating your acne.

Acne is natural and almost inevitable, unless you are too lucky. You cannot check this all total and you should not try to do that too. Acne acts as a sort of outlet for the toxins in the body. But again, that does not mean that you let it take its course. Acne is not the problem in itself; rather it is just the expression or symptom. You should try to eliminate the root cause and not suppress the symptom. So! What do we do?

Let me give you some home made tips to get rid of acne. First, when in teens, regular exercise is a must. It may be anything; cycling, jogging, swimming, outdoor sports, athletics and even work outs in a gym. You might notice that athletes face acne les in some cases, and even if they do, the situation does not go worse. This is because regular exercises keep the circulation, digestion, excretion and the whole metabolism in order. When you work out, you perspire, and the more you perspire, more the toxins are removed from the body. The blood circulation increases below and in the skin and stimulates the sebaceous glands to open up their mouths. Further, the heavy perspiration washes away the dead skin and dust deposited on these openings. Along with the sweat, the toxins are also removed from the body, thereby minimizing the chances of acne.

Then there are other benefits too. As the body warms up during work outs, the endocrinal glands start functioning properly and secrete those hormones which regulate or check the production of those hormones which are behind acne. Maintaining good hygiene, less oily food, a regular bath and clear bowels also contribute a lot keeping away this problem. I hope these home made tips to get rid of acne will surely help you have a better time with acne.


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