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Teenage Acne Cures That Works

While anyone can suffer from acne, teenage acne is by far the most common. In fact, more than 70% of teenagers are suffering from acne at any given moment according to some estimates.

There is not a single cause of acne, but some of the contributing factors that work against teenagers are caused by hormones. When the hormones are active, the body is prone to creating too much sebum. The sebum clogs up the pores. Bacteria gets trapped in the pores and thrives there. Teenage acne becomes apparent.

While one obviously doesn't want to interrupt such natural life development events as hormones, there are plenty of other acne factors that can be reduced to decrease the amount of teenage acne. The effectiveness in reducing these factors may be in large part determined by just how severe the acne is. When in doubt, it is always recommended that treatments be applied under the guidance of a doctor, preferably a dermatologist.

Tips For Minimizing or Eliminating Teenage Acne

1. Be Wary of Cosmetics

While many teenagers want to look all grown up and blemish free like their parents, using makeup can greatly worsen teenage acne. Cosmetics contain a wide variety of chemicals that can irritate the skin, clog the pores, and create a hospitable environment for a takeover by infectious organisms. Always be very judicious in your selection of facial cosmetics during the teenage years or you may find yourself with severe teenage acne breakouts.

2. Keep Your Face Clean

Just as you don't want your pores clogged by cosmetics, you also don't want your pores clogged by other debris floating around in the air. In particular, you want to keep most bacteria out and clean out what bacteria gets in your pores. Much of the bad infectious material we get on our faces come from either our hands or our hair, so try to keep both clean and from touching the face as much as possible.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is an essential part of most of your body. The skin is no exception. Being well-hydrated can help in the removal of toxins and the function of skin cells. It also keeps the blood healthy and fluid as it circulates around the skin. The blood contains the cells that fight off infectious organisms.

4. Don't Get Too Much Sun

While the sun is very important for skin health and immune function, getting it in excess on your face can be extremely damaging to the skin. You should particularly avoid ever getting sunburns on your face. On sunny days you should wear some sort of sun protection, but be sure to clean off any sunscreens in the evenings. You will want to properly moisturize your skin in the evenings after sun exposure.


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