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Get Rid of Acne Overnight - Home Remedies That Work?

I am really sorry to say, that to get rid of acne overnight, there are not many home remedies available. In fact, there are no miraculous remedies which can make you free from this nuisance even within a fortnight. To know why this is so, we must enquire into the causes of acne.

Acne usually occurs in teens, when we undergo many physiological changes. This is triggered off by certain hormones like testosterone, progesterone, estrogen and a few others, which are produced by our body. These hormones, although not directly responsible for acne, do influence acne indirectly. These hormones influence the sebaceous glands and make them produce more sebum. The main function of sebum is to check escaping of moisture from the skin and maintain its moisture content, thereby protecting it from cracks, infections etc. Normally, this sebum comes out on the surface of the skin through mouth of sebaceous glands opening in pores. Everything goes on fine until these pores are closed due to physiological changes as well as dead skin and dust smeared in sebum acting as a cap on these pores. Here the problem begins. This sebum gets accumulated and the pores swell into red, inflammatory acne. So, you can understand that since the cause of acne is so complex, to get rid of acne overnight, home remedies won't work in most cases.

Then! Is there any way out? Well there is. Plain antibiotics won't work. You need not visit a skin-disease specialist either. And I would suggest you need not visit a doctor at all unless it is excessive. Drink a lot of water, as this would help remove the toxins from the body and finally, maintain hygiene. Avoid wearing short sleeve shirts at night because body grease from your arms can get on your face. And last but not the least just trust my words that to get rid of acne overnight, home remedies won't work in most cases unless its a healthy diet which is a good way to help cure your acne.


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