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Detox Diets And Their Role In Acne Prevention

Readers know that we believe the cause of acne lies within ourselves. Acne is a inflammatory skin condition caused not by what rub on the outside of our skin, but by what we have going on inside. Flareups are caused by pore blockage, which are in turn, caused by hormonal activity, internal body detoxification, and other various internal processes. It's these activities that eventually lead to whiteheads, blackheads, and other rough acne patches.

Starting in the 1970s, detox diets became fashionable. There were several kinds, including the no-meat diet, the Celebrity Fit Diet, the Fat Smash diet, and lots of others. Nearly all of them began with a few week of detox diet, which would serve to shock and flush your system of anything harmful that it already had inside. There are also liquid-based detox diets, which use fruit and veggie juice as their core. These diets were based on reducing free radicals in your system, which would make your body healthier all around.

These diets were intended to be just that, diets. They were intended for weight loss. As with all weight loss programs, they had mixed success. Not every metabolism is the same, not everyone has the same willpower or tolerance for eating the foods and sticking the regimen. However, as a side effect, many people found that while they didn't lose as much weight as they hoped, they found that they felt much better, and that their skin was much clearer. This has given more credence to the idea that when it comes to acne, what goes on inside is more important that what goes on outside.

By going on a detox diet, which is often very challenging, you are getting the benefits of cleansing the whole body. This includes the digestive system, which may also be of benefit to the skin, even though that wasn't the original goal. In ancient chinese medicine it is believed that some problems that are started in the bowels and colon ultimately lead to skin disorders and additional inflammation. The toxins that your system can't flush out that way have to leave through your pores.

Detox diets therefore have a two-fold benefit. Not only do they make you healthier, and help with your digestive tract, but they also will help your skin. Control the inside, and you control the outside.


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