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What Really Causes Acne? It's Not Diet Or Stress, Or Lions, and Tigers, and Bears!

Well of course Lions and Tigers, and Bears don't cause acne. Acne is caused by anaerobic bacteria - Anaerobic meaning this bacteria lives without oxygen. What happens to trigger this growth is excessive oil production in your sebaceous glands.

The oil that is secreted is called sebum, and it drains into your hair follicles. This in turn is caused by how quickly your skin replaces itself, which is influenced by hormones, and this leads us to what "really" does not cause acne...dirt, diet, and stress!

Let's break this out (yes, bad pun intended) a little further:

Dirt does not cause acne

So stop washing your face like it does! In the case of acne you're washing your face to slough off the dead skin, not scrape your face until you see bone. Wash gently, twice a day (once in the morning and once at night), not roughly 10 times a day.

Diet does not cause acne.

This goes for French fries and chocolate too. As near as I can tell there has never been any scientific study that proves your diet (no matter how lousy it is) has anything to do with your acne. I will say however, that you might coincidentally have an outbreak after eating your "bad food" but whether or not you choose to (incorrectly) blame it on your diet is up to you.If you do decide to eat fatty or chocolaty rich foods once in a while, then don't stress out over it. This brings me to my next "doesn't cause acne" tidbit...

Stress does not cause acne either.

Nope, is usually the other way around! The visible signs of an outbreak, and the lesions and scars that it may cause are what can lead to stress. It should be noted however that medicines used to treat stress my indeed cause acne...go figure.

So aside from the medicine mentioned above, what does trigger an acne outbreak? Hormonal changes (yes they happen during puberty but hormonal changes come and go throughout your life), family history, pressure or friction on the skin, numerous medications, and poor quality make up (if you wear makeup).

Remember, good hygiene, diet, and stress are all things you want to strive for but they are not causes of a bad complexion so don't try and blame them if your face and body aren't "magazine perfect" because it won't hold water if you do.


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