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Acne Scars Home Remedies Treatment and Scar Removal

If you have the various types of scars that are the result of an acne outbreak you will probably be familiar with the various names that each of these scar or pockmarked skin are given to identify them. Boxcar, the sinister sounding icepick and rolling are just some of the types of scarring that may sometimes react positively to acne scars home remedies removal.

Lemons because of their natural acidic qualities can be used as a remedies treatment to lighten and repair a dark scar,by applying on to the affected skin area with cotton wool and, leaving for about seven or eight minutes. Then wash off.

Like certain other acidic based fruit liquids it can leave the skin sensitive to sunlight so it is best not leave the lemon juice on the skin any longer than this time. Another simple acne scar treatment involves using sandalwood and rosewater. Mixing sandalwood with a small quantity of rosewater will create a paste you can use as a facial mask. After applying it to the areas of scarring , let it set for at least an hour or all night if you can and after removal one the other remedies can be tried.

Rosehip oil is another one of the acne scars home remedies treatment that can be applied to a skin scar to repair and speed up the removal of this type of skin damage.The rosehip oil should be massaged on to affected are on a twice daily basis.

Another tip is to massage olive oil onto your skin, there are moisturizing qualities that help soften and repair the skin texture while reducing the visibility of scars A new powerful proven treatment for the repair and removal of all types of scarring is now available that uses a combination of natural mandelic acid and malic acid to rebuild skin collagen and promote smooth skin


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