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A Word About Acne and Prescriptions

While many people only have contact with the sporadic acne breakout, countless other people have to deal with ruthless cases of acne. Every so often, the acne can so bad enough that a professional needs to take care of it. Which means a trip to the dermatologist. If you decide that you need some extra help to take care of your acne crisis, do not be shocked if you end up with a prescription medication to help you take care of it.

What can happen in cases of persistent, severe acne. You may need something a little bit stronger, and if that is the case your doctor may recommend an oral medication. Just as there are many over the counter remedies for acne, there are also several different kinds of prescription medications designed to treat acne. Often, these will come in the form of a topical cream or it could be an ointment that is applied directly to the skin and that will help clear up the breakouts. Aloe Vera gel is one such cream that is proving to be a great help with acne.

More commonly, your dermatologist will recommend creams or ointments or a special wash to use for your acne. These include a strong medication designed to lessen inflammation and kill bacteria. Make sure that you use these prescriptions according to the instructions given to you by your doctor for top results. If you use too much or not quite enough and you may find that you will not see your acne improved. Perhaps you only have a mild case of acne, your dermatologist may advise an over the counter remedy to try first. This is because prescription medications tend to cost more, and this may not always be covered by your insurance.

From time to time, dermatologists will have to use antibiotic treatment to help manage severe acne problems. Very often, this is a "last resort" attempt will be made with the other frequently used treatment methods which are know to have great success. This usually involves a course of antibiotics that starts out high, and gradually weans down once the management of the acne has started to take affect and is clearing up the acne..

The dermatologists will sometimes use injections to manage acne medication. This treatments will only be used in very severe acne cases: that is when other treatments have been unsuccessful, as a way to decrease the number of breakouts and limit unattractive scarring.

In some females, an acne outbreak could be the result of hormonal fluctuations of their monthly menstrual cycle. If this is the case, then something as easy as this can plane out a woman's hormone levels sufficiently, that she sees a dramatic lessening in the amount of acne that she has. Some women, who are using contraceptives for their contraceptive advantage alone, will report clearer skin. In a few cases, the alteration of hormones from the birth control medication will in fact increase the amount of acne that a woman suffers until her body makes adjustments.

If you go to a dermatologist or not, is up to you. But, do not forget that, it is generally suggested that you try to find professional help if your acne problem if it is not getting better, leaving behind scars, or becoming so relentless that conventional treatments do not work or it is upsetting your day to day life.


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