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Acne in Women - 5 Causes of Adult Acne in Women

The worst thing that can happen to an adult woman is to have acne. And no matter where it sprouts, a pimple is still one of the worst things that can happen to someone, especially to a woman. The problem here is not just the appearance of acne on one's face, but also the trouble of not being able to save face. It is inevitable for a breakout to be seen in its full glory on one's face. Some may say that looks should be the least thing to consider since beauty should come from deep within. However, in the case of acne, looks are not really what matters.

Having acne has a deeper impact on a person and it totally affects one's self-confidence, well-being and comfort. If there is one thing people should be comfortable with about themselves, it should be their own skin. However, eradicating pimples can be an exasperating and irritating endeavor. Different people may try various products, and many of them may find out that some treatments are ineffective.

Some of these medications may even only irritate their skin some more. Pimples should be an age-old problem as soon as girls become adults. But the fact is, zits do happen to adult women as well, even well beyond in their 30's, 40's and even 50's. Dermatologists call these types of acne "persistent acne," or acne that have not cleared up after women's mid-twenties.

There is also what they call "late-onset acne", which pertains to pimples that develop late in a person's age. What is worse is that women are actually more susceptible to this kind of acne. This kind of acne can even affect women who have never experienced it in their adolescent age. It could even worsen especially during women's menopausal stage. Adult-onset acne can manifest on the jaw-line, chin and the area around the mouth, and there could even be lesions on the chest and back area.

There can be several reasons why or causes how adult women get acne and these are just some of them:

1. Since acne is hereditary, adult women may have gotten acne from their ancestors.

2. Acne may also happen because of discontinuance of birth control pills, which are used as medication to clear up the skin.

3. Hormone fluctuation, which usually occurs in puberty stage explains why pimples appear on teenagers, this may be another cause.

4. Stress can also be another reason. The growth of acne can also be a sign that there is an underlying medical condition, which is usually accompanied by irregular periods, or loss or gain of hair - facial or not.

5. Certain drugs may contain chemicals or other substances that can irritate the skin and cause acne. Oily and greasy food may also cause breakouts because it lets the skin overproduce sebum, which causes zits.

Women usually do not rely on professional help because they believe that they can treat their own acne through self-medication. However, it is still important to seek professional and expert help to be sure that all facts are gotten right. Knowledge is really the best first step in treating acne. And dermatologists can help one a lot with this.


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