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Acne Solution - I Found The Acne Solution After 5 Years Of Suffering From Acne

I used to suffer from acne for five years before I found the solution to being acne free. You do not want to waste hundreds of dollars like me, then read this article.

I used to spend hundreds of dollars on acne cream that promised me success but none even delivered their promise. Even if the product worked, it would work only temporarily and then I would have a worser acne outbreak than before.

So my advice to you is to stay away from acne cream and acne medication because they are full of chemical and they have serious side effects. I'm not saying that all acne product are worthless because I found one that removes my acne permanently.

Here are the some of the things that I did to relieve my acne outbreak and it will work for you also.

1. Drink 1-2 teaspoon of fish oil a day. Fish oil have Omega3 and lots of other essential oil that will help your skin look younger. Fish oil will also help you live healthier.

2. Stop eating candy and drinking soda. You can dramatically reduce the number of acne outbreak you have by just stop a lot of sugary foods.

This is very hard to do but if you're desperate to get rid of your acne then you will do it. I personally didn't go cold turkey on this but I did stop drinking soda and only had organic candy once in awhile.

3. Rub garlic oil on your acne. I have found that rubbing garlic juice or oil on my acne stop it from feeling irritated and grow even bigger. I also applied it where my skin felt irritated.


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