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Acne Solution - The Only Thing That Removed My Acne Permanently

Read this article if you're interested in removing your acne permanently and naturally! I used to suffer from acne for more than 5 years before I discovered the only thing that helped me remove it permanently.

The main caused of acne is usually stress, poor eating habit, and lack of exercise. Changing these things will help you in the long run but it is not easy at all. I'm going to show you what helped prevent and lessen my acne breakout when I was suffering with acne. These will also help you too.

1. I applied small amount of garlic juice on my acne when I had an outbreak. Garlic have an antibacterial effect so it helped stop that acne from getting worse.

Do not put a lot on your face and only dab a little on your acne. It will burn a little bit and smell unpleasant but it works.

2. I drank a lot of water. I drank water when I felt hungry, when I felt thirsty and every so often. It did help me feel better and it made me feel full. My skin felt less irritated so the outbreak wasn't very bad. When I drank more water I also felt less hungry, so it prevented me from eating a lot of junk foods that promote more acne outbreak.

3. I used Hydrogen Peroxide. It helped a little bit because it destroy the acne causing bacteria. Just dab a cotton ball in HP and then hold it on your acne for 10 minutes at most. It work better if you hole it longer on your acne but no more than 9 minutes.


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