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Acne Myths - Part 1

So many people believe old wives tales and myths that have been around so long, they are believed to be truth. Below is Part 1 of a 3 part article on the most popular acne myths.

Myth #1. Stress Causes Acne - This is true to a degree. Some say that an extra excretion of cortisol which stress produces causes excessive sebum which causes acne. This first one is debatable and we cover it on its own so that you can decide for youself.

Myth #2. Don't Worry About Teen Acne - You'll Outgrow It - You have to be concerned about teen acne. It can become so bad that it will leave serious scars, not to say what it will do for your confidence or lack of it. Take charge of treating your acne now!

Myth #3. Foods Cause Acne - It has been said that fries, fats, pizza and chocolate directly cause acne. If you are eating a well balanced diet, these on occasion shouldn't bother you. But if you notice a flare-up with any food, not just these, it's best to stay away.

Myth #4. Acne Is Contagious - This is ridiculous. Acne is not contagious.

Myth #5. Acne Means You Have Bad Hygiene - Many people feel that people with acne, especially blackheads, have poor hygiene. Nothing is further from the truth. In fact, people with chronic hygiene usually have washed many times more than those that do not suffer with this. Just make sure that you use gentle cleanser and realize that the black in the blackhead is not dirt, but a skin pigment.

Myth #6. Sweating Cleans Out Your Hair Follicles - Huge myth! In fact, over exercising causes a big increase in oil production on your skin which can totally cause more acne!

Myth #7. Acne Is Related To Sex - Acne and sex have no correlation whatsoever. When teens break out, it's because their hormones are abundant and out of balance. The same with adults. There is not relation at all.


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