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Acne and Hormones

We always have to blame something, so why not blame our acne on hormones. Everyone blames everything on that; why not add that to the list! Well, as humorous as that can sound, it isn't far from the truth.

It's been proven that the hormones androgen and estrogen when they are out of balance can wreak havoc with our skin. So it's best to understand how to keep these two hormones in harmony and keep your face clear of breakouts.

When glands get plugged, you get acne. But how do they get plugged and how can hormones help? Normally, the sebaceous gland exfoliates cells through the pores of our skin. But these glands also have a sticky surface which causes them to get clogged for many reasons. When this happens, the gland thinks it's in trouble and will create more oil to help it unclog. This causes more bacteria to form on the skin, inflammation occurs and more acne develops. And the cycle goes on and on.

Every woman knows that many deal with premenstrual bloating. You can thank another hormone, progesterone, for that fullness around your middle during that time. And let's not even discuss all of the other issues that both men and women have regarding their hormones. So, obviously, if it can affect us in these ways, hormones can play a big part in producing acne.

So many hormones affect acne: testosterone which is an androgen, anabolic steroids, gonadotropins, cortiscosteroids and ACTH. And although many say that stress does not cause acne, which is not necessarily true. It increases the production of hormones and the rest is history.

The above hormone list relates to both men and women and teens as well. But how to you keep these raging hormones at balanced levels to eliminate your outbreaks? If your acne is severe, make a visit to your local dermatologist. Also, follow all of our simple steps as well as home remedies, diet, etc. Acne will not go away overnight, but the more you understand the condition you're dealing with, the faster you will be able to eliminate it.


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