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Acne And Hormone Imbalance

It is probably not a shock to anyone who is acquainted with acne, that most of what everyone deals with is due to hormonal imbalances and hormonal changes. People, who have oily skin, due to some high levels of hormones, are especially affected.

Usually outbreaks begin during teen years up to and through mid twenties. Normally, flare-ups begin on the face; the nose, chin and forehead. Some people even begin with acne on their chest and back.

Hormone production has been known to also cause our sebaceous glands to enlarge which in turn enlarges your pores making them more susceptible to the secretion of sebum which is the oily substance in the skin. And once the sebum is produced it then accumulates in the follicles of hair on your skin and clogs the pores. This happens because skin, dirt and bacteria mix with the sebum and it eventually causes the acne that we deal with.

Hormones are the gatekeepers of our body. They are known to regulate some very important bodily functions. And when your body has hormones out of balance, many conditions can occur, with acne being one of them. Looking at it more positively, if we are careful to keep our bodies hormones balanced, we can keep our acne in check as well.

So how do we help control this situation and how can it be alleviated? Many times, like with many teens, there is not much you can do other than change diet, get topical ointments, laser treatments and vitamin supplements. There isn't any way to keep those hormones from functioning during this time and you would not want to. This is the normal cycle of life.

But, if you are an adult male or female and you suffer from acne, there are answers which can be found. This should not be done on your own because causing a further imbalance of hormones can cause serious situations in your body. Consult with your family doctor or dermatologist to discuss if a hormone imbalance is the cause of your acne and the solutions which are right for you.


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