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Acne And Diet

If you don't have acne or know someone suffering from this condition, you wouldn't be reading this. And as you're reading I'm sure you're wondering if diet can really, truly help the spread of this nuisance and embarrassing situation.

For years we were told that French fries, burgers and any other foods which are high in fats caused acne. But is that true? Well, it is partially true.

For years we were told that foods that we love, including chocolate, were the culprits for the dots all over our face. Is that true? Again, it's partially true.

What is more true than both of those statements is not WHAT you eat but what you DON'T eat. So are there foods that can actually help fight against this terrible situation you're in? Yes, that's exactly what we're saying.

Many people's diets today are deficient in many of the vital vitamins and minerals which would help control acne. Vitamin A, E, Zinc, Carotene and Polyunsaturated fats all help to keep your outbreaks at bay.

If we would learn to eliminate some foods and add others, we could truly help to eliminate the acne that you deal with. And you don't have to eat huge quantities. A small amount of foods which are high in the above vitamins can help to a great degree.

Just remember that this is not the cure all. Eliminating foods high in fat, greasy foods and foods with empty calories will also greatly help to cure this condition once and for all.


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