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Vitamin E and Acne

Acne happens because of many factors; genetic, emotional, hormonal, environmental and of course when your body is not getting the proper nutrients that it needs to ward off this condition. So how can Vitamin E help this condition?

It's very well known that Vitamin E is one of the best antioxidants we know of today. In fact, a study in the Journal of Dermatology says that Vitamin E helps keep any oils which are trapped in the skin, soft. This prevention of this hardening lowers the possibility of your skin getting inflamed which stops acne production.

Also, blood levels which have higher levels of Vitamin E have been shown to produce less acne. Researchers and their studies has revealed through testing all ages of people for acne while taking Vitamin E, against those same ages without taking Vitamin E. In nearly every case, it was proven that those who were taking extra amounts of this vitamin suffered less from acne. It was assumed from this study that if your levels of Vitamin E are high, it will help stop a flare-up.

Taking up to 1,500 IU per day of Vitamin E is tolerated for adults. Also, good food sources are sunflowers and their oil, wheat germ and its oil, almonds and hazelnuts.

If you decide to take extra supplements of this vitamin, always look for it in its most natural form. Try to eliminate taking synthetic vitamins because much of what you take will be eliminated from the body, therefore decreasing the vitamin's effectiveness.

Finally, it has been proven through clinical research that Vitamin D can actually help prevent an acne condition. But as with anything, you must be diligent and continual in adding this to your diet and adding the foods which can help also.


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