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Acne Solution - 5 Tips To Lessen Acne Outbreak And Skin Irritation!

Read this article if you're interested in removing your acne permanently and naturally! Having been suffering from acne since I was a teenager, I now know what really helps in removing acne forever. I'm gonna show you what helped get rid of my acne completely.

First, you need to know that most acne medication are dangerous for you. They contain chemical that will get absorbed into your skin and cause serious side effects. I know because I have used over a dozen of these acne "cure" medication that never worked.

Here is what I found out during my hard time with acne that really helped me prevent further acne outbreak and lessen my irritation.

1. Stop drinking soda and eating fastfood. I have observed and notice that when eating sugary foods, my face start getting acne outbreak and more acne.

2. Keep your face clean from oil. Use natural soup to clean your face and body. I used to Aveeno when I was suffering from acne badly and it really help keep my skin free from oil that causes more acne breakout. It is also a good idea to use Hydrogen Peroxide on your acne.

3. Drink water and eating vegetables. I found that drinking lots of water and drinking more veg really helped in stopping my skin irritation and preventing outbreak. Of course it doesn't help a lot if you also eat junk food.

4. avoid stress! Yes, believe me. Try to stay peaceful and relaxed because it will help a lot. Listen to soothing music, get a massage and do what it takes to feel happy and calm.

5. Use the sauna! It has helped me not only to feel better but to release toxic within me. It also helpes make your skin look better since the blood rejuvinate your skin. I have member at YMCA to get to the sauna.


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