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Homemade Acne Treatment 101

The beauty of homemade acne treatment is that you can choose the one that really works for you from those sources that are available at hand. For many years treating acne has been done in many different ways. Obviously what works well for one would not give the same result to another. However, there are some basic principles that are involved for an effective acne treatment routine. These are correct food and proper hygiene.

Homemade acne treatment is also presented in several ways. The two most common are topical application and internal consumption of the homemade medicine. Whether topical or consumed, what one should always see to it before starting any acne treatment is this: you have to make sure that what you have is totally safe and suitable to your skin.

One should resort to homemade acne treatment not just because it is cheap. There are records to show that when over-the-counter treatment medicines would not work, homemade preparations or mixtures could do the job. This could be done through water therapy, herbs, fruits, and some foods. Add to these the wonders that regular exercise and good sleep can do. You could be assured to keep that healthy, blemish-free skin.

Take a look at this list of possible homemade remedy sources. Depending on your location, the availability of herbs will also determine the homemade acne treatment that you could have. The most common herbs are aloe vera, sarsaparilla, tea tree oil, and chamomile. Apple and lemon are the most popular among the fruits. Honey, yogurt and oatmeal are foods that are helpful in treating acne. Herbs and fruits aside from being consumed can also be used in the forms of paste or mask.

Aside from these plant sources of acne treatment medicines, you also have to follow some practices that would ensure that after the treatment, your skin would retain its healthy state. One of the ways is to keep your face clean. This means that it should be basically free from dirt, oil, and other harmful substances.

Drinking lots of water would help flush out the toxins of our body. Washing your face at least twice a day would do much help. In addition, the use of rubbing alcohol on your face using cotton balls before going to bed will help control excess oil. Be careful though not to overuse because it might result to more skin problems. Use it once a day only.

If your budget would allow, daily intake of vitamin A will do a great help, as well as mild doses of zinc and vitamin B6 to maintain skin tenacity. Make homemade acne treatment something that is readily available and effective for you.

Keeping a younger-looking and healthy skin is not something that is available only to those who can afford expensive facial treatments. The magic of homemade acne treatment will just work if you really value your skin. You can take the first step by visiting by blog today.


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