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Acne Triggers

It's been said that there are no such thing as something triggering a flare-up of acne. Nothing could be further from the truth. But while one trigger will erupt your acne, another person may not be affected by it. The only way to be sure is to chronicle when you get the worse outbreaks and see what you did or ate right before it happened.

Even though everyone is different, there are some general foods and conditions which will predispose the body to triggering a flare-up. Below are the most common ones.

1. Sugar - This seems to be one that is general to most people. Knowing what we know about this condition, we wonder if it's the sugar or the fact that sugar robs the body of vitamins it needs greatly to combat the acne. Either way, stay clear for the most part.

2. Mouthwash - For whatever reason, using this on a regular basis created more acne around the lip area. Again, best to avoid when you can.

3. Toothpaste - Same as mouthwash, probably due to similar chemicals. It's best to use all natural toothpastes such as Tom's.

4. Foods containing aspartame (artificial sweetener) - Aspartame is very unhealthy and has been known to create severe acne eruptions.

5. Hormonal changes - Puberty, menopause, menstrual cycles and pregnancy can be a huge factor in creating acne and continuing eruptions.

6. Medications - Be aware of the side effects of certain medications, especially those used for depression and epilepsy. Read the enclosed pamphlet before taking prescription drugs and check for this as a side effect.

7. Wearing Makeup - Woman should try to wear makeup which is formulated with natural products. Many chemicals in makeup will trigger an outbreak.

8. Skin Irritators - Be careful when wearing hats and helmets. They can cause sweating and/or irritation which will make an acne condition worse.

9. Family History of Acne - If your family has a predisposition to acne, be extra careful to all of the above.

This list is not complete. Everyone who deals with acne knows their own triggers as well as the ones above. Be aware of when you have the worse flare-ups and just stay away from those factors.


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