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Role of Homeopathy in Acne

What to expect during the Homeopathic acne treatment?

Homeopathy has a range of natural and effective remedies that offer a solution to the acne. During the treatment you will notice that your quality of sleep improves, you feel fresh and energetic.

Then the acne will start drying up and in the next step the number of acne will reduce and also the intensity of the acne will come down. During the course of treatment little new acne will also come till the time the treatment is not completely over. The other associated symptoms like, pain burning will go away.

Acne should not be treated with external applications because the cause is an internal disorder. If you try to treat the acne by external applications there are chances that you might suppress the disease and this is not good for the overall health of the individual.

How Homeopathic treatment works?

Homeopathic treatment is an individualized form of treatment. So the disease picture expressed by each individual will have its own characteristic symptoms besides the symptoms of the disease.

For e.g. If two individuals are suffering from acne, One individual gets depressed due to the appearance of the acne on the face; she becomes very conscious about it. While on the other hand the other individual is pretty ok with the acne and it doesn't affect her at all.

Here we see two individuals responding to the same disease in a different way. One is getting depressed while the other is not bothered at all. The individual response will be very important in selecting the right Homeopathic remedies.

Your Homeopath takes into consideration mans illness not in one part as being sick; but he considers the manifestation of illness in one part in its relation to the whole man. So the medicine selected is the one that suits the constitution of the patient.

Homeopathic Remedies acts at the level of Psycho neuro endocrinal axis and it helps the body to bring back the imbalance to a balanced state of health.

Excess secretion at any place is controlled by the feedback system in the body. Homeopathic remedy only gives stimulus to the internal mechanism of the body in a diseased state this is known as Primary action. Then the body takes control to bring back the imbalance in a diseased state to a state of health. This is known as secondary action.

The factors that contribute to the formation of acne mostly are over production of oil (Sebum), irritation caused to the hair follicles due to irregular shedding of the dead skin and the bacteria that comes into play. The homeopathic remedies will help in bringing back the over production of the sebum to the normal level by stimulating the bodies internal mechanism. It will also bring back the hormonal imbalance to a normal level. This in turn will resolve the acne.

In Homeopathy a deeper look is taken into the subtle and complex burden that we carry with us from our hereditary tendencies. The Homeopathic remedy act at a deep level and helps to relieve the individual of these tendencies as much as possible. It also helps in building the immunity of the person to ward off further disease.

They remove such a tendency of your skin to acne formation, thus chances of recurrence after the homoeopathic treatment are minimal.

Homeopathic medication

The following is the line of action in a Homeopathic treatment

Constitutional remedy
Acute remedy
Intercurrent remedy

The Constitutional remedy: It is the remedy that is selected after careful analysis and evaluation of the symptoms. The constitutional remedy is the one which helps in achieving cure. This is the remedy that is repeated mostly infrequently as it is needed to bring back the imbalance in a body to the normal balance.

Homoeopathic constitutional medicines are prescribed not only on the basis of the signs and symptoms, but also according to your physical and mental make up. Thus, they affect your entire body and not only your skin

That's the reason why we ask so many questions about the nature, emotions, fear etc to define the individuality of the person.

The Acute remedy: During the acute episode of the disease we need to give the acute remedy to relieve the acute condition. The acute remedy is selected from the symptom totality during the acute phase of the disease.

The Intercurrent remedy: Sometimes during the course of treatment we find that there is no further improvement in the case. The case has come to a standstill in such cases the Intercurrent remedy is used. In other words it helps in removing the blocks that hamper the further improvement.


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