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Acne Solution - I Found The Acne Solution That Really Works

Read this article if you're interested in removing your acne permanently and naturally! Acne can be cured and remove contrary to what doctor thinks. I've been acne free for years now and have suffered since I was a teenager.

Many of the acne medication and creams out there that promise you acne free skin are liar and just want to make money. I tried over a dozen of those products and nothing worked. Acne was making me really depressed but I didn't give up trying to remove my acne.

Here are my advice to you if you're also looking for something to remove your acne. You will waste a lot of money and get really frustrated if you keep buying acne medication so I will tell you what helped me.

1. Stop using over the counter products. Many acne cream and medication have serious side effect and will not help. Even if some work, you will have to keep taking it and deal with the side effect. Sometime it might work at first, but then you get worse a month or two later.

2. Avoid sugary and processed foods and drinks. They insulin level and cause more acne outbreak. They make your skin feel irritated and itchy, resulting in more acne.

3. Drink plenty of water. Drink it when you're thirty, when you're hungry and often throughout the day.

4. Keep your face clean and oil free. Take 2-3 shower a day using natural soup bar that remove oil. I highly recommend Aveeno soup because it remove oil and clean your face without causing irritation and leaving oil behind. Most soup and shampoo have chemical that is bad for you! Aveeno is a pretty good product and it has helped me lessen my acne and skin irritation.


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