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Acne Solution - I Found The Solution To My Acne Problem After 5 Years

Read this article if you're interested in removing your acne permanently and naturally! Acne is not something you are born with and it can be remove in as little as a month depending on the severeness. Getting rid of this problem can be costly and frustrating if you have no idea what causes it and what really works.

There are many company out there trying to make money off of you from selling acne products that doesn't work. Acne medication and cream that contain chemicals do not work in removing your acne. Some may help remove your acne in the first few weeks but just wait because it will get worse in a couple of month. I tried most of these "cure" and my acne just end up getting worse.

Let me share with you a few tips that really helped me when I was dealing with acne.

1. Avoid eating dairy products. The reason dairy foods may worsen your acne is because they are pasteurized! If you're going to consume dairy foods, then eat only raw dairy foods. Drink raw milk instead. I know this may sound crazy to you but I know it helps in preventing acne outbreaks.

2. Avoid eating a lot of sugary foods. Almost everyone you ask that have acne will tell you that eating a lot of sweets will result in acne outbreak and skin irritation. Instead eat more protein foods like egg, fruit, and vegetables.

3. Eat more "good" fat. I'm talking about fish oil and coconut oil. This is one of the best thing I have ever done for my body - take a safe amount of fish oil and coconut oil each day. Your acne outbreak should lessen and your whole health will change for the better little by little.

4. Drink water only. Drink nothing but water when you're thirsty. Very very important for skin and body health.


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