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Acne Solution - I Found The Top Acne Treatment That Works

If you have been searching for top acne treatments that will get rid of your acne problem then this article will help. Acne affect millions of people each year including adult but mostly young people. First you should know that everyone is different so each acne treatment will gives out different results for everyone.

If your skin is dry, then your acne will take more time to heal. The best way that you can prevent dry skin is to drink a lot of water and nothing else. Avoid soda and sugary drinks. The best way to get your water is to use a water filter, put sea salt into it, and contain it using a glass bottle instead of plastic. Consuming fish oil and using organic coconut oil on your skin will also help.

Acne sufferers with oily skin should take 2-3 showers each day. Preferably in the morning and night with a natural bar of soup that will remove oil. The product that have worked well for me is called Aveeno. Keeping your hair out of your face will also help prevent outbreak.

Acne medication and cream that promise to prevent your acne are harmful to your health and most don't work. I know because I tried most of the popular one out there including Proactiv. Many of these medication require you to KEEP using them otherwise your acne will be worse than you start once you stop.

I personally have never consider surgery but I'm sure your acne will come back if you don't continue it. It can be expensive over time and there are better ways.


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