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Acne Solution - The Truth About Acne Prevention And Causes!

Read this article if you're interested in removing your acne permanently and naturally! I'm going to reveal in this article a couple of things that many doctors and commercial lie to you about. I'm also going to show you what you can do to lessen your acne outbreak and heal your acne.

Here are some of the things that you probably don't know about:

1. Your diet and what you eat have a huge impact on how much acne you get. It effect how frequently you get acne outbreak and how much acne you get. Eating junk foods will cause more acne.

Avoid processed foods that are sweet. Avoid refined carb foods like chips, fast foods, and bread.

Eat more vegetables and fruits. I have also observed and notice that even if I was to eat a little bit of junk sugary foods, my acne would get a little worse and more small acne show up. So, it is best to avoid junk foods altogether. It's not easy to do this so I will show you what will help at the end of this article.

2. Acne medication do not work in removing acne forever! Many acne medication only cover up your acne. HAve you ever wonder why you MUST keep taking acne medication to prevent it? They are just making money from you by keeping you on it! This is exactly what Proactiv is doing too - you must keep using it or else your acne will get worse once you stop even if you have clear skin from it.

Here are some things that really helped me prevent outbreaks:

1. Drinking plenty of water. Choose water over ANY other drinks. The quality of your water is also important. It is best to buy a filter and don't even buy bottle water. Many people do not know the danger of bottle water but I don't have enough room to explain here. One cool thing you can also do to make your water healthier is to add sea salt (real salt) to it. Use a glass bottle and put it in the sunlight... trust me on this.

2. If you have oily skin then take a shower at night and in the morning with healthy soup. Many soup nowadays are filled with chemical that worsen your acne and bad for your skin. I use Aveeno moisturizing bar and it works great!


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