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How To Get Over Emotional Problems And Low Self Esteem When You Have Acne

Have you ever felt down and depressed before?

I know I have several times for more reason than one. But can Acne really contribute to low self esteem and, does it really cause emotional problems. This article will address this question and it will also identify persons mostly affected.

Before the question can be answered however, we need to have an idea what is self esteem and what are emotional problems.

Simply put self esteem is the way one think of themselves and so low self esteem is when one think negative of themselves; this can be thinking of one's self as as being below a certain standard or unacceptable by their peers or people around them.

Emotion on the other hand is the feeling you have or the mood that you are in. It can be sadness, happiness, or it can be love or hate for someone or something. So for a person to have emotional problems would mean that they are feeling down, depressed, sad and other various forms of negative feelings.

Lets Get Back To The Original Question: Can Acne Really Cause Low Self Esteem And Emotional Problems?

Acne is a severe skin disease that respects no one and any one can be affected regardless of age or ethnicity. It has symptoms of blackheads, whiteheads and various forms of pimples and zits that comes all over peoples' faces back neck and shoulders.

Lets face the reality, people with acne tend to think that they are 'ugly' when comparing themselves with someone without acne. This therefore is a sign of low self esteem because there and then they have placed themselves below a standard by not appreciating themselves and believing that they too are beautiful.

Teenagers are the ones mostly affected by from this traumatic effect of acne. Think about it, teenage years are the prime time of our lives. We go out and enjoy our selves with our peers and interact and get to know those of the opposite sex. Those are the days of our lives when puberty kicks in and and the hormones starts to trigger off and we want to go on dates, and start having girl friends and boyfriends.

Can you imagine having acne? All those pimples and zits on your faces?

Of course it can cause emotional problems, and not just for teenagers but adults too. And having emotional problems will lead to low self esteem which as so causes a lack of self confidence, believing that some one will not accept you because of the way you look.

To overcome the emotional problems, one has to first believe in themselves and accept who they are and believe that they can be better. Like everything in life you will face difficulties and other people may even describe you as 'ugly' or say other harmful descriptive words to you. But are you going to lets this demotivate you, if there is such a word? No!

You are not going to feel discouraged, for every hurtful thing that comes your way you will use it as a motivation to feel better about your self. Always have a positive attitude towards yourself. Ask your self this question: What does a person without acne have that you don't

You got it right a clear skin.

But you can have a clear skin too, with some patience and the right medication your are well on your way to a better and clearer skin.


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