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What To LOOK For In An Acne Cream Treatment

For most acne suffers the easiest way to overcome acne quickly is to try over the counter cream treatments. These are usually very effective however can sometimes take a bit longer than wanted - usually at least a week depending on the severity of the acne lesions. This approach is the easiest and least abrasive measure to take in fighting acne.

It is important to know your skin type. Sometimes really oily skin needs a gel based acne product and dry skin should use a cream. The best acne creams should contain Benzoyl Peroxide and/or Salicylic Acid. Benzoyl Peroxide destroys the bacteria which causes acne and Salicylic acid exfoliates the top layer of skin which can become decongested which then causes acne.

The most common acne cream treatment would be Oxy or Clearasil. Both brands are prescription strength products and come in cream and gel forms. These products should only be used as spot treatments because the skin can become very dry if the product is used on non -acne skin.

The most effective acne cream would be Retin A (which is NOT over the counter and a prescription is needed). Retin A is a form of retinoid (a substance close to vitamin A - which is required for human development). This acne treatment helps reduce the oil production in the skin and helps loosen blackheads. The downside to this treatment is that the skin can become extremely dry and flaky. It can also take up to a year to see the full benefits - clearer, smoother, acne-free skin.


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