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Eating Apples For Three Days To Get Rid of Acne

The person who suggested eating apples for three days to get rid of acne sounds like an astrologer who suggested that wearing a stone for three days will get you a lottery prize. Had it been that easy, acne would not have been a cause of headache for millions of teens around the world. But it is not totally absurd either. Eating apples will certainly help get some relief from acne with a proper diet. The old proverb "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!" was not in vague. This can be true for any other fruit as well. We shall see now how can apples (here we shall refer to apples only, although any other fruit will do fine as well) help give you relief from acne. Its not just eating apples that will get rid of your acne, its the combination of apples with other foods that will do the trick.

Let us check the facts behind this suggestion for eating apples for three days to get rid of acne. Apples are particularly rich in fiber, apart from having vitamins and minerals. This fiber is what plays an important role in giving relief from acne. Acne owes its cause primarily to hormonal changes in the body during teens and then to constipation. People who suffer from chronic constipation have been seen to have acne, even when they are much older. I know this may seem odd, but theres a connection here actually.

Let us take a closer look at what hormones and constipation have to do with acne. During teens, certain hormones become active in the body, the excess of which are removed from the body along with some toxins through openings of the sebaceous glands. Excretion is meant for removal of waste and unwanted substances from the body. When it is obstructed during constipation, these toxins start accumulating in the body and erupt in the form of acne. Eating food rich in fiber helps ease constipation and clear bowels and thereby help proper removal of toxins from the body. Apples, being rich in fiber, can do this for you. This takes some time of but eating apples for three days to get rid of acne, is an exaggerated stuff.


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