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Types Of Acne Scarring

If you have acne then you know how important it is to prevent scarring as a result of acne through your teenage and even your adult years.

If you are left unscathed, then you're quite lucky in that you don't have an ever present reminder of having acne through all those years. But like most people, you may have some permanent scars that you notice.

It's important to realize though that there are several types of acne scars. Why? Because the different types are treated differently. In fact, some of them do reduce or even go away with time.

So what are the different acne scar types? Well, let's have a look at this question here in this article. The most common types include:

1. Keloid

Acne scars caused by deep tissue formation are called hypertrophic or keloid scars. These lesions are associated with excessive collagen. This type of lesion is raised and extremely noticeable, and as mentioned is often hereditary. These lesions tend to last for many years but may become smaller over a period of time.

2. Ice pick

These are the most common acne scars and are deeply pitted and usually quite small in size. These are generally are found on the cheeks. They're named as such, because they resemble jagged edged wounds like those from an ice pick. The deeper the scar, the less likely it is to reverse by itself over time.

3. Box car

These scars are more angular, similar to chicken pox scars, and are typically found on the temple and cheeks. These lesions may be either superficial or deep in appearance and number from just a few, to many. If they are deep or wide, they can be quite noticeable, and can stay for many years.

4. Rolling

These scars are named as they are because they lend a 'wave' like appearance to the skin. This may affect a relatively large area of the skin at times, and are due to fibrous bands in the deeper tissue causing the skin to contract.

5. Pitting

This type of scar is the mildest, and looks like pitting or little indents in the skin. There are usually many of them, and is the result of many minor episodes of acne. They can be anywhere on the face, but are commonly on the temple area. Being mild, these may fade away over time, but if they are still noticeable, can be treated.

So in conclusion, there are various types of scars that can occur with acne. Sometimes scarring is subtle and is not a major problem but others are more severe, and are more likely to need treatment.

Either way, remember that scarring can reduce on their own, so time may be what you need.

But if they don't go away spontaneously, then you may need to treat them specifically. Finally, remember that the best treatment for acne scars is prevention. So if you have outbreaks, see if you can treat the acne itself, which is the underlying cause of the scarring.


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