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Acne Home Remedy

Yes, everyone has probably heard of one at some point in their life, whether they have acne or not. The first acne home remedy I ever heard of was when I was in Jr. High School back in the 70's. If you had acne, or back then we called them pimples, you would just before bed put a little dab of toothpaste on any pimples you had and that would do the trick. It seemed like sometimes it worked, but most of the time it did not. Back then they did not have the internet to easily find more remedies, so sometimes it would be months before I would hear of some other acne home remedy to try.

Over the years I tried many acne home remedies: Taking fresh squeezed lemon juice and dabbing that on my acne. I was told to cut a potato in half and hold that on the affected area. Holding certain types of leaves on my acne for 5 minutes before bed. One year a neighbor told me to get some fresh garlic and put that on my acne for 5 minutes or so. My mother heard from a co-worker to grind up some black cumin seeds and mix that with vinegar to form a paste, then put that on the affected area. I could go on and on with this. Bottom line: none of these acne home remedies ever cured my acne. Did I every see any positive results with acne home remedies? Yes. But again, were any of them permanent? No.

Why did all of these acne home remedies fail in the long run? It's all because of one simple fact, none of them address the "root cause" of the problem. Really, think about it. Whether your rubbing some acne product on your skin, or your putting garlic on it, your just addressing the symptoms, not the cause. Let me explain. Your skin is essentially a feedback mechanism for you internal health. If your skin has acne, it just means that internally there are some issues that you need to address in order to alleviate the problem. How do I know this? Years of having acne and also making a promise to my self to find a cure regardless of how long it takes. Trust me, I did not do it overnight. Years upon years of research and trial and error to come up with the answers.

The real point I am trying to make is that acne home remedies can work in some instances for short term relief, but they will never work to permanently cure your acne.


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