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Acne Elimination - Top 10 Tips For Becoming Acne Free

Here is a quick top ten list of tips for acne elimination. While it isn't necessary to follow all of these tips, the more you can follow the better chances you have of becoming acne free.

Tip 1. Diet - Your diet not only can affect your weight but also your skin. You want to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruit for breakfast are a great start. And carrots are great for the beta-carotene (vitamin A) that they provide. Also try to each foods which have a high content of zinc.

Tip 2. Hydration - Drink lots of water every day. They suggest you drink about eight to ten glasses of water every day. This helps flush out your body and will keep you on track for acne elimination. Also when deciding on your liquid intake you want to try and avoid caffeine.

Tip 3. Relax - Try to avoid stress in your life. They say that stress can compound acne problems. While we know that it is impossible to eliminate stress in your life, you can try to reduce it and when you know you are feeling its effects, increase your acne elimination regime to make up for it. You could wash an extra time that day or apply your cream an extra time or maybe more each time than normal. Once your stress level decreases then go back to your normal procedures.

Tip 4. Smoke Free - There was a study published a few years ago that stated acne is 62% more prevalent in those that are avid smokers. While this may be a hard habit to break, there are many other benefits from quitting smoking. And with all the new laws, pretty soon your not going to be allowed to smoke anywhere anyways.

Tip 5. Good Hygiene - You want to wash your face about two times per day with a good acne soap. You must make sure to be gentle and colder water is preferred to warmer water. If you ever need to touch your skin, try to make sure your hands or whatever is touching your skin is clean and free from bacteria.

Tip 6. Be Gentle - Anytime you are touching your skin you want to be very gentle. No matter if it is from washing or drying your skin, take care to be soft and gentle. You do not want to scrub hard or use a material that is rough on your skin. A "patting" action is preferred to a "rubbing" action as it is more gentle on the skin. You never want to squeeze or "pop" anything on your skin.

Tip 7. Hair Care - You want to try and keep your hair away from your face. The oils in your hair can contribute to your acne problem. Also using a shampoo that is formulated for oily hair will benefit you in your quest for acne elimination even if your hair isn't normally oily.

Tip 8. Linen Care - Wash or change your pillow case frequently. The oils and bacteria from your face are deposited onto it nightly as you sleep. I would change your pillow case, or wash it, every other day at a minimum. The more frequent the better. Also take care when wearing headbands, hats, or any other types of material that will touch your skin. These hold oils and bacteria that will be transferred to your skin.

Tip 9. Avoid Makeup - Makeup can clog your pores which will lead to acne. Obviously females have more of a problem with this than men. If you must use makeup try to limit it as much as possible. Also, if you must use makeup try to choose products that are water based. Finally, make sure that you gently wash your face each night and make sure to remove all of the makeup completely.

Tip 10. Doctors Care - Above are many simple tips to help you reduce or eliminate your acne. There are also many products and programs that are designed to help you become acne free. You should consult with a qualified doctor who can assist you in your skin care goals. This is especially true is you suffer from severe acne.

So there you have it, a top 10 list of simple tips that will put you way ahead on your quest for acne elimination. Remember that every persons skin is different and will react differently to products and programs. What works for one may not work for another. With some simple trial and error you will find what works for you.


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