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How To Conceal Acne

There are numerous safe and effective treatments for acne. Over the counter medications do a good job of treating mild forms. Prescription medications and advanced treatments can cure almost all acne within a few months. But in the meantime, and afterward, it can help to hide it as well as possible.

It does little good to tell people they should be less concerned about their appearance. That only adds unnecessary guilt to an already unpleasant situation. For a whole host of valid reasons individuals may be interested in optimizing their appearance. Superficial vanity or excessive concern with what others think is one thing. Wanting to look one's best as a reflection of a healthy and confident inner self is quite another.

For women, the situation is both more difficult and easier. More difficult because they tend to be judged more, and more stringently, on their looks. Easier, because they have more tools to meet the challenge. Makeup is the most obvious one.

First and foremost, look for makeup labeled 'non-comedogenic'. 'Comedones' is the general term for certain types of mild acne, including whiteheads and blackheads. Those types of makeup are specially formulated to minimize clogging pores, one of the major contributors to acne development.

Concealer is the first line of defense. The redness that often accompanies burst pimples or, in more severe cases, cysts can be well covered. Just daub it on and work it over with a disposable sponge. Avoid overdoing it. You don't want to look like someone has troweled on brown cement when the concealer dries.

Using a good foundation can help blend tones together. Here again, try not to use too much. You want to avoid looking like your face has been painted with beige latex. But an even, covering foundation for masking blemishes can do a very good job. Blending it in well so that the overall color is even is key.

Foundation helps in another way. By providing a less reflective surface than skin, it softens shadows. That lessens the contrast produced by the bumps that often occur with acne. Think of good films or photographs, where the proper lighting minimizes skin blemishes. It makes the person look as if their skin is made of silk. Foundation can help achieve a similar effect.

A light powder to finish has all those benefits. It can even out color tones and reduce shadows, reducing contrast.

Men, outside the stage or studio, typically don't wear makeup as women do. Yet, specially formulated acne covering compounds can also help them hide acne. Over the counter medications often incorporate makeup-like compounds in order to do just that. But makeup for men is also an option. It's typically much more subtle, and sometimes the effects are therefore less concealing. But many men find the results helpful.

Any acne covering product should be removed before bed. A gentle wash with a mild cleanser, followed by treatment with appropriate medications, helps combat acne. And, elimination is the best cover of all.


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