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Still Trying to Get Rid of Acne?

Still trying to get rid of Acne? That can not be good, but there may be a few things you have not tried yet.

Have a look at some of these suggestions to get rid of acne:

Try to eat more fruit and vegetables. Nuts and seeds are also good for getting rid of acne. It may be easier for you to create juices and smoothies using quality fruit or maybe eating one salad a day. The nuts and dried fruits can be used as a snack in between meals.

Nuts are good if you want to get rid of Acne. Nuts like Brazil nuts contain selenium. And pumpkin seeds have a good quantity of zinc. These two minerals are low in persons who wish to get rid of acne.

By drinking a minimum of two liters of water every day, you will find your skin will start to clear. If your skin becomes dehydrated, the dead skin cells will stay on the surface of your skin which can block pores. This is not good if you wish to get rid of acne.

If your doctor has given you antibiotics to help get rid of your acne, take note that antibiotics kill all types of bacteria within your digestive tract. This includes the good bacteria. And without good bacteria, your digestion will suffer, leading to constipation and you'll find it more difficult to absorb the much needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients to get rid of acne.

If your body is not effective in getting rid of the waste, the toxins will try to pass through the pores of your skin instead. To stop this from happening, top up the good bacteria in your digestive tract with any leading probiotic drink.

Another tip to get rid of acne is to try taking vitamin supplements daily. Your current diet may not have many of the needed vitamins, mineral and nutrient necessary to controlling and helping clear skin. If you use skin care products like face wash and moisturizers, try to use only the brands made with all natural ingredients.

A lot of skin-care products on sale today have chemicals which can hinder any chance to get rid of acne. Some chemicals can remove natural oils from your skin, which means the skin will produce oil in excessive amounts to compensate and block the skin pores. This will not help you get rid of acne.

And if you are unsure which brands to use for skin care, try using less products and allow your skin to breathe. Use only products with natural ingredients or try to use fewer products to allow your skin to naturally heal.

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