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Acne Solution - I Know How To Stop Acne Outbreaks And Skin Irritations!

If you have been searching for top acne treatments that will get rid of your acne problem then this article will help. Acne is a common skin disease because millions of teenagers and adults have acne. Removing acne is not a quick and easy thing to do, it will take at least a month or two depending on your severeness.

First let me tell you what will work and what won't if you want to stop acne outbreak for good. Remember that everyone is different, so everyone will response differently to each acne solution.

Here is what I found that helped a lot in prevent outbreak:

1. Drink more water mixed with quality sea salt and small amount of apple cider vinegar. Only put a little Apple cider vinegar in otherwise it will taste very bitter. Mix it in a glass bottle and drink throughout the day!

Avoid soda and coffee as best you can. I used to drink a lot of soda myself but once I began drinking water, my "want" for soda stopped. I haven't touched a soda for years now!

2. Avoid chemicals on your skin. Avoid makeup, lotion, shampoo and anything you would put on your skin that IS NOT organic or natural. Most of these products makes your skin feel irritated.

when I switched to natural shampoo, my face felt less itchy and had less breakouts. I really think you should get Aveeno products because it doesn't leave oil behind and clog my pores and leave my skin feeling smooth.

3. Avoid fast foods and junk foods. Not only will you get fat but it causes more outbreaks eating junk foods. I know cook foods at home or eat fruits when I can't cooked. Eating apples and drinking the water mixtures I mentioned above really helped!


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