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Natural Acne Treatment - 6 Faqs On Acne Demystified

Here are common frequently asked questions bugging people. let us learn it together...

1. What Are the Causes?
Acne occur sometime as part of puberty, especially at the start. It is caused by the secretion of sebum or over secretion of oil which could result in irritations and swellings on the face.

2. Is there any difference between Adolescent acne and adulthood?
There is only one definition for acne and it results from or is the disease of the sebaceous gland. This defination applies to all, no matter the age. Acne that appear between 25 and 30 years is either a recurring one or has never occured before. In adult it might difficult to treat if it is recurring.

3. Is it true that vitamin A can help remove acne?
Vitamin A is very helpful when it comes to acne treatment. Its effect on the skin is very helpful.Also it is very important to note that excess intake or overdose has a bad side. it is not safe. Professional advice could be necessary for the use of vitamin A supplements. Vitamin A is very helpful in the body. It enhances vision. Its deficiency results in blindness,dry and scaly skin. Very high intake could be harzardous. The body could start to peel.

4. Are there any acne treatments for dark skins?
Acne occur irrespective of the skin type. Either you are light or dark, acne treatment is the same. Acne is a common disease, it affects both light and dark skin and its solutions are also the same, irrespective of the colour.

5. Is it bad to pick and squeeze?
No, it is very bad to pick and to squeeze acne. Squeezing it allow its content to spread, which makes acne to spread faster from a small part of the face to the whole face. It is not good, it is advisable to keep off picking and squeezing, for your own good.

6. What solutions can I employ?
Intake of more fruits will be of great help. intake of vegetables too will help. Vitamin A in moderation will also go a long way in removing acne within a short period of time.


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