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5 Tips on How to Prevent Acne Now

Everyone to some degree will suffer from acne and related skin problems. Young and old are affected everyday with acne and related skin problems. Why continue to suffer those very embarrassing moments when you can now take effective steps to preventing acne? I have written five smart ways to stop acne dead on the tracks. Follow my advice and acne disappear from your life.

1. The most basic concept to remember is never to pop, tear, or squeeze your existing pimples. Why not? Simply because this act alone can provoke the spread of the actual bacteria that causes an even worse case of acne breakout. In addition, this act can cause the watery pus inside the pimples to move deeper into your skin; eventually this can lead to cystic acne.

2. Unfortunately, most acne sufferers are clueless or uninformed about how to wash their face. You do not want to make the unforgiving mistake of scrubbing your face too much. You must be gentle with your skin when it is affected with acne. Here is another smart tip: Make it a good habit of gently washing two times daily with a soap that is made for sensitive skin.

3.Completely avoid kitchens where foods are frying. Why? When food is frying in grease, the grease has the tendency to rise into the air and flow; that grease can easily land on your face, and this can greatly boost the your chances of suffering from clogged pores.

4. Drink a lot of water in the daily basis. Why? Water has the unique ability to cleanse the body and many harmful toxins. If possible, drink around 8 glasses of water daily.

5. For women, the makeup you wear everyday can be clogging your pores because of the oil bases. Before turning in for the night, it is a good practice to remove all makeup and then wash your face.

If you follow all five tips above, you will have a great advantage in preventing acne skin problems. Why not adopt these easy habits?


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