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Sensitive Skin and Acne

Many individuals suffer from the effects of sensitive skin and acne. When being evaluated for sensitive skin, many dermatologists determine a set standard or set factors in making an official diagnosis. Reactions, such as acne outbreaks, are one of the major contributing factors in determining this type of condition. Individuals who find that they experience various types of flushing and/or blushing may also have skin that is a bit on the sensitive side. There are many situations in which skin may exhibit a severe dryness that results in skin reactions to basic, every day products. However, most who suffer from this skin complication are quite prone to developing acne - mild to severe.

Treating Sensitive Skin and Acne

There are many different products that one may purchase when it comes to treating acne that is a direct result of sensitive skin. However, it is absolutely vital to understand that not all acne products will be appropriate for every single person with this issue. Just as we are not created equally, these over-the-counter skin care treatments are not created equally. No one person should assume that just because a product worked for one that it should work for them. There are many different reasons why this type of situation occurs. These possibilities are listed below:

First, we are all different. This means that each of us have a different chemistry when it comes to our skin. While skin is basically the same all in all, we all have different pore sizes, our skin oils produce at different rates, and we all consume different types of diets. All of these factors can play an important role in whether or not we have sensitive skin that is acne prone.

Secondly, we are all exposed to many different environmental conditions. One may be exposed to a certain chemical while working, while other may be subjected to complex atmospheric pollution. One person may reside in a cool climate, while another may live in an area that is relatively humid. Weather and environmental conditions may play a vital role when it comes to the overall sensitivity of our skin.

Third, we all use different types of products on our skin. These products include cosmetics, cleansers, creams, moisturizers, peels, and more. We all have the potential to react in many different ways when exposed to certain chemicals and products such as soaps that we clean with, shampoos that we use, and even products that we use to clean our clothes with!

As you can see, we live in a world full of diversity. This is why it is often difficult to discover an effective acne treatment that is suitable for everyone. When trying to discover an acne solution for sensitive skin, it is very important to set up an appointment with a licensed dermatologist. These individuals will carefully evaluate the complications that you are facing in order to determine the best treatment choice for your particular skin type, as well as one that will be compatible with the many things that you are exposed with.

Diet and Natural Treatments

While each of us differs in many ways, there is one thing that holds true - a diet and natural treatments can be extremely beneficial when you suffer from sensitive skin and acne. When possible, it is always considered appropriate to consume raw, whole foods that are cultivated in a natural manner. This means that harsh and potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides were not used when processing foods in gardens and on farms. You will be consuming the purest foods with no impurities that can result in skin outbreaks. Furthermore, consuming natural waters can also be extremely beneficial in treating this type of acne. Seeing that the oils and other substances that keep the skin intact are created by water, it is only appropriate that the more water you consume, the better. Furthermore, using clean, fresh water to clean the skin - with no harmful chemicals - can also be relatively productive when dealing with sensitive skin and acne.


Sensitive skin and acne has proven to be quite a challenge to many individuals across the nation. It is actually one of the most common skin conditions that many face. However, it is quite possible to resolve this problem by working with a professional dermatologist and focusing on a healthy diet of raw, whole foods that are cultivated in an organic manner. Furthermore, consuming a steady amount of pure water and cleansing with straight water and no chemicals can also provide relief to acne sufferers who have sensitive skin!


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