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Using Holistic Skin Care Products to Treat Acne

If you suffer from acne, the self-conscious effects can be detrimental, regardless of what social situation you are in. Whereas traditional acne treatments relied upon potentially harsh chemicals - which could increase your chance of skin cancer - a new line of skin care products are focusing on holistic ingredients to treat acne.

Preventing acne outbreaks

Acne can occur for a number of reasons, but the major cause of acne is excess oil and dead skin cells that block pores - thus, causing acne and blemishes. The key is to select products that control the oiliness of your skin, while reducing pore size and managing moisture levels.

If you visit a dermatologist with acne, your doctor may prescribe three alternatives:

Tretinonin, which is a derivative of Vitamin A, changes how oil glands grow. However, the ingredient feels uncomfortable, with both drying and burning sensations.

Antibiotics are common prescribed if you have inflammatory acne.

Accutane is prescribed for severe acne, but its side effects can be highly unpleasant, including hair loss, muscle pain, headaches, and itching.

Holistically speaking, there are other ingredients that can help treat acne - without the harsh side effects.

Choosing a product that imparts a 5% benzyl peroxide solution to the skin helps fight the causes of acne holistically. Clinical studies show that this treatment reduces sore, red acne by around 60% and eliminates approximately 50% of whiteheads and blackhead - all in approximately three weeks.

The Obagi Clenziderm skin care range utilizes the optimal benzyl peroxide formula to treat your skin. Rather than targeting only one problem, this skin care range aims to improve your overall skin health to leave your complexion clearer and smoother, even reversing some prior damage.

Three steps to beautiful, clear skin

Treating acne is essentially a three step process, which is what the Obagi Clenziderm skin care range follows. You must cleanse, treat, and protect.

First, you must choose an optimal cleanser, which will eliminate dirt, residue, and excess oil in your pores. A gentle exfoliation element in your cleanser can help wash away dead skin cells, clearing out your pores of any potential blockage.

The next step is to utilize a therapeutic lotion, such as Obagi Clenziderm, which will target your skin at the deepest layers of the acne. With the 5% Benzyl peroxide solution, this type of lotion is excellent for fighting acne without drying out the skin.

Finally, even with oily skin, you need to moisturize your face to create a supple balance. An oil-free moisturizer will protect your skin against the elements, acting as a barrier to allow the therapeutic lotion to seep into your pores. In addition, choosing a day-time moisturizer with UV protection ensures that your acne does not scar, leading to long-term skin that is smooth and blemish-free.

Treating acne no longer means harsh ingredients with severe side effects. By utilizing holistic products that feature Benzyl peroxide, along with the three-step daily skin care process, you can enjoy clearer skin naturally.


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