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Acne - The Emotional Impact of Acne

There is nothing worse than preparing all week, or even months, for a specific event only to find out that you suddenly have an acne on your face. This is not only an unpleasant sight, but is also unsettling. Acne can cause discomfort for many people, and merely hiding it won't erase the fact that it is there to stay.

There are acne sufferers all over the world, and teenage kids are not the only ones who suffer from this as adults too can get afflicted by these blemishes. Especially when it emerges from the face, acne can cause uneasiness to a person and might affect her self-confidence. It is not surprising that many people consider a pimple an unpleasant sight because it really does look disgusting. Some people may even think of boils and infection when they see huge pimples.

Acne sufferers usually feel that they look dirty, disgusting and polluted because acne is really not a pretty sight. They may get angry, frustrated, sad and humiliated. But they should not worry too much as there is a way, a much more effective and efficient way to get rid of zits. So it is best for one get a hold of herself, relax and avoid pricking zits out.

The acne might look ugly, but this does not give one the excuse to get mad and frustrated. One should not squeeze it out in hopes to get rid of it once and for all. One should also not wash her face way too much, with the belief that the skin produces too much oil and needs constant washing. These are usually the things people do in exasperation, and these can only make matters worse.

Squeezing a pimple out can cause permanent scarring, which, of course, lasts way more than waiting for the pimple to subside in itself. There are over-the-counter remedies for acne, but there is not one single medicine that is universally applicable to all acne sufferers. It is still best to consult a dermatologist and have a lot of patience when it comes to these blemishes.

But it can't be helped that acne breakouts. It can have a great impact emotionally especially if it is on the face. There have been studies about how profound the emotional impact is on people who have acne, particularly those with severe ones. Since women are more susceptible to adult acne and they are the ones who give more importance to looks, women suffer more from the emotional blow.

But men are not safe from them too. It has been reported that acne affects their confidence incredibly. They also feel that people who look at them think that they have acne because they eat a lot of junk food.

A person who wants to get rid of acne should never give up. There is a way and she only needs to find it out. Patience goes a long way in this process of treatment and healing. So it is best for one to consult a dermatologist now before these pimples get worse.


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