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Birth Control and Acne

There are many treatments to acne, whether you use over the counter medications or have a prescription from a dermatologist. Stubborn acne which does not respond to any of the medications which were used to treat the acne sufferer sometimes can be alleviated with birth control pills. This treatment is becoming more and more popular, especially when nothing seems to work and the acne is becoming more severe.

Normally, acne begins during the teen years. What happens is that sebum is secreted on the skin much more during this time due to hormone levels fluctuating and increasing. This causes the hair follicles and pores to get plugged up and acne erupts. The hormone that causes this is the excess of male hormones. Birth control pills stop the production of this hormone, thereby helping and oftentimes curing this stubborn case of acne.

Testosterone and androgen are the two male hormones which combine with the female hormones, estrogen and progestin. When these become unbalanced, acne erupts. Birth control pills are mainly used in the case of skin ailments, to bring balance to these hormones and the acne disappears. There is a downfall to this treatment though. Some serious diseases have been associated with birth control pills. And if you have cancer in your family or if you are a smoker, you shouldn't use this treatment for the control of acne. Speak to your family doctor or dermatologist about using this as an answer to curing your condition making sure that you share your family history with him before he recommends your using birth control pills as a remedy.

Lastly, be aware that using birth control pills to alleviate your acne is temporary. Almost 100% of those who were cured of their condition by this approach saw it return as soon as they stopped taking them. Therefore, this may or may not be the best method for you.


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