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Say No to These Foods That Trigger Acne

Acne is a skin condition that affects old and young alike. And there are many causes of acne, but scientists and doctors rarely agree on what is the exact cause of people getting breakouts. Many will say that food has nothing to do with it. But time and time again, people have sworn that when they consume certain foods, they get an acne flare-up. Because this is commonly agreed upon, we have included some of the food culprits which seem to exacerbate an acne condition.

1. Greasy foods

2. Fried foods such as French fries, fried chicken etc.

3. Foods that are high in iodine such as shellfish

4. Junk food

5. Fast food

6. High sugar foods

7. Desserts and sweets

8. Chocolate

9. Fats

10. Oils

11. Simple carbohydrates

12. Foods with a high glycemic index

After reading that list you're probably saying to yourself, what in the world can I eat then? The answer is foods that are wholesome and rich in vitamins such as: fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. And that's not a diet only for acne, but one that everyone should follow for optimum health. If you change your diet, you will see a vast improvement in your acne. And you may actually feel better also.

Just like you wouldn't put the wrong gas in your car, you shouldn't put the wrong food fuel into your body. It will react and acne is one of the ways it responds to not approving of what you are feeding it. At the beginning it can be difficult to change the habit of eating certain foods. But as time passes, you will see how good you look and feel and soon crave the very foods you didn't want to eat.


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