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Microdermabrasion - The Overnight Acne Answer?

Every day new discoveries are brought to the marketplace on how to prevent, eliminate and cure acne. Microdermabrasion is on the cutting edge of new and effective technology in the area of reducing acne and its effects.

Microdermabrasion is a painless treatment that is performed by qualified dermatologists or those that have been trained and certified in this area. In a sterile environment, a fine-crystal instrument sucks out the dead skin cells, the block pored is not open and clean and the skin is healthy again. This allows the new layer of skin to breathe and help to heal the acne. After the treatment, your skin may swell or redden a bit. Be very careful after this technique to stay out of the sun for a few days until your skin is back to normal.

With Microdermabrasion, the results can vary. There have been people who have gotten this treatment and walked out of the room looking like their skin was perfect and they have never dealt with acne. But I've seen others that have needed several treatments before looking like that, and still others who never got those results. So it is definitely a case by case basis.

A new form of Microdermabrasion is called the Diamond Technique. This uses the same instrument but it is fitted with diamond shaped stones which are injected all over the area which is infected with acne. This takes from thirty minutes to one hour and it is safe and painless. There will be redness for a day or two, but this technique greatly reduces the appearance of acne even after one application. But like with other techniques of this kind, it depends on the technician and what kind of conditions you allow on your face for the several days that follow.

Microdermabrasion is definitely an answer for some people. If you've never tried it and other techniques and medication have not worked to your satisfaction, then this is a definite next step. You may just be the one who finds themselves with an overnight miracle.


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