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Genital Acne - Your Embarrassing Secret?

The truth is that apart from the usual areas such as the face, back, and chest, acne also occurs in the genital areas of both sexes. And the origins of genital acne - clogged pores - are the same as for other kinds of acne. However, we will soon see why genital acne is not really acne in the technical sense. And before I forget, the proper medical term for genital acne is - watch out - Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

Causes of genital acne

The biggest difference between genital and other kinds of acne is that while acne of the face or back is caused by overactive sebaceous glands; genital acne is controlled by the apocrine glands, located in the groin area among other places on the body. However, both kinds of glands work in a similar manner, which means they secrete substances that can clog the pores if secreted in excess.

It has also been found that among the causes of genital acne are underdeveloped apocrine glands that trap sweat and dirt and this causes inflammation. A more common trigger for genital acne, however, is excessive perspiration. Other triggers include tight clothing and the use of harsh soaps and laundering agents.

Treatment of genital acne

The first line of defense, as with all other kinds of acne, is to keep the affected area as clean and dry as possible, though you must take care not to use the potentially irritating chemicals contained within harsh soaps. Similarly, wearing tight clothes and fabrics that will chafe against your skin is also not recommended. This is, of course, non-medical treatment, which may not work in all cases.

Usually, the first thing that a dermatologist will do is to prescribe an antibacterial cleanser, which works well for mild to moderate forms of genital acne. For stronger forms, however, you will probably need oral medication, since strong topical lotions or ointments may not suit the relatively soft skin around the genitals. Whatever the course of treatment, however, you need to be patient before it has any visible effect, unless you opt for surgery, which is required for extreme cases of genital acne. And of course, at all times, you MUST NOT squeeze the pimples, because that will almost surely worsen your condition by spreading the infection to surrounding tissue.

And finally, though I did mention earlier that lumps in your genital area does not equal an STD, it would nevertheless be a good idea to verify that you do NOT have an STD, because believe me, in that case, genital acne will probably seem like a blessing!


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