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How Diet Affects Acne

Acne and Diet - How What You Eat Affects Acne

There is an ongoing debate about acne and one's diet. Some believe there's a link, some don't. However, since almost everybody says we are what we eat, it's hard to believe that there's no link between acne breakouts and one's diet.

It may be true that anything we eat can have an effect on our bodies and skin. But not all foods can trigger acne outbreaks. There are many reasons why acne occurs on some people and why others do not have them.

Diet and food intake is just one of the many reasons or theories associated with acne outbreaks. You should always take into consideration the other factors before concluding or assuming that your diet alone causes your acne attacks.

One of the theories about acne and diet is that there are foods that can trigger hormonal imbalance in the body. Male hormones or testosterone are present in both males and females.

When testosterone is in hyper mode (too active), it triggers the sebaceous glands, causing it to produce more oils. More oil means acne outbreaks. Controlling the sebaceous glands with products and treatments can soothe and clear acne.

Treating Diet-Induced Acne With the Right Foods

If your acne is caused by hyper active testosterone, you can help fight acne by attacking it with the right diet.

Eating nutritious and healthy food should help you in building up the skin's nutrition. Vitamin-rich foods can help the skin become more healthy and resistant to acne. Eating vegetables and fruits can improve your health as well as immune system.

Although it is not advisable to treat your hormonal imbalance with pills or prescription drugs, you may ask the dermatologist to give you proper medication or treatment. There are various acne treatments available nowadays, but make sure your skin will benefit from them instead of the opposite.

When you are looking for the right type of foods, it is always important to avoid those that can cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oils. Some believe that oily foods, caffeine and sugars can increase the occurrence of acne.

Sugars and sweets can affect the body's insulin production. Insulin can trigger testosterone activity, and testosterone can cause acne outbreaks. Now we have a viable link to sugar and sweets so as much as possible try to avoid too much sugar intake.

A healthy diet can always combat any disease. Couple it with proper exercise and good healthy habits, your body will benefit... inside and out.


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