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What is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that results from the over activity and oil secretion of the sebaceous glands. The face, back, chest and shoulders have more sebaceous glands than other parts of the body, which is why you will often see acne outbreaks on these areas. Acne, when not properly treated can result in skin craters or acne scars that are often hard to remove unless surgically removed.

There are many reasons why acne occurs. These factors vary from one individual to another. The severity of the acne attack also varies and as such, there is never ONE way to treat acne.

Acne is not contagious so don't be afraid of people who have acne. They are already suffering because of the pain and the predicament of having the condition.

What Causes Acne?

There are many factors or reasons why acne appears on the skin.

* Genetic, hereditary reasons. When your parents, some of your relatives or ancestors have acne, you are likely to have it too. If it runs in the

blood, it is believed to occur to anyone within the blood line.

If you have acne now and cannot trace which in your immediate family has it, you need to probe further. If you happen to find a relative or two, then it is safe to assume that your acne is hereditary.

* Oily or greasy food. Some people believe that eating too much oily and greasy foods can cause or make acne appear. This theory is as old as time. Remember that some areas of the body have more sebaceous glands and eating oily foods can add up more oils to these areas. More oil on these glands can trigger the acne outbreak.

* Popping, scratching, and pinching existing pimples. It is a major no-no to pop, pinch and scratch pimples. Doing so may cause infection, making the acne condition worse.

* Using make-up and cosmetic products that irritate the skin. If you have cosmetic products that cause irritation on your skin at the first usage, don't use them again. Some people have acne because the ingredients in their cosmetic products have caused the skin pores to clog, hence the allergies or acne.

* Stress. Some say that too much stress can cause acne. This can be true especially for people who already have acne and are prone to stress. More acne can develop during stressful periods, so it is important to have enough sleep and rest if you are already suffering from acne.

* Hormonal imbalance. Puberty is tough because hormones are ricocheting within the body. This 'imbalance' is actually due to the production of androgen hormones, which is believed to cause sebaceous glands to enlarge and create more oil and sebum.

Acne is a serious skin condition. It is painful and most of the time very sore. There are many acne treatments out there that can be beneficial to your acne outbreak but make sure to ask your dermatologist's advice when you do want to treat your acne.


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