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Skincare For The Acne Prone

For a long time, acne sufferers (and non-sufferers alike) have been laboring under the misapprehension that only people with a certain kind of skin - viz. oily as fried chicken - will get acne as some vague form of punishment. I call it misapprehension because, obviously, this is a myth, like so many others associated with acne. People with oily skin are not more acne prone than others, because whether or not your skin is acne prone can only be determined once you have acne, and not before. As dermatologist Dr Jennifer Sanders says, "There's no way to predict whether someone is acne prone, based solely on skin type. Plenty of other factors are at work."

Why the skincare?

This is a perfectly logical question, given the heading for this article, which brings me to my point. Once you have acne, oily or dry or normal skin notwithstanding, you will need special skincare, because you are certified acne prone. Unfortunately, fewer people seem to realize this than you would think.

As skincare expert Cindy Jackson says, "For most people with acne, their skincare routine seems to begin and end with the application of medicated lotions and creams. There's no awareness that once the acne clears up, they need to make sure it does not recur by taking extra care of their skin. It's as though they just wait for the next bunch of pimples to crop up."

What you can do

Clearly, therefore, you can be proactive and take extra good care of your skin so that even if you are acne prone, you need not go around sprouting a new pimple every second day. And here's a list of things that Cindy thinks every acne prone person should do to their skin:

1. Cleanse your face and neck at least twice daily, using a mild cleanser that contains benzyl peroxide, the miracle chemical for acne sufferers. Depending on the severity of your acne, you may cleanse once or twice at a single sitting.

2. If the cleansing leaves your face a little oily, as it does with many people, use an astringent to drain the skin of excess oil. However, be careful that the astringent does not dehydrate the skin, so consult a skincare expert if you aren't sure which kind of astringent will work for you.

3. Invest in a water-based (NOT oil-based) moisturizer. This is particularly essential for those using acne lotions and creams, because these dry out your skin and leave it flaky and sometimes irritable. Hence, proper moisturizing is required.

In addition to the above, I would also advise you to never scrub your face while drying it. Pat it dry instead. And whenever you aren't sure about whether a particular lotion or astringent will suit you, consult an expert. Actually, an easier way to do this would probably be to invest in reputable acne skincare systems like Exposed, Proactiv, TriClear, or ClearPores. These systems work for most skin types, and there's nothing like a bit of expert help for the acne prone!


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