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Acne Cream Treatment - Do Acne Cream Treatments Really Work?

Acne treatments do not work for almost everyone but for some very severe acne problems these creams are imperative to say but the least. A lot of various creams are available both over the counter and by prescription. There are relative pros and cons of each one of them and you should preferably choose them after consulting with your doctor.

1) Benzoyl peroxide is an effective chemical found in some popular medications like Clearasil, Oxy and Proactive Solution. Using this in high quantities can result in dryness of skin so the use should be controlled to avoid any serious side effects.

2) Many OTC medications contain alcohol which when used in controlled quantities can do wonders for treating your acne whereas when used in high amounts, it can also leave the skin extremely dry.

3) Adapalene, sold as Differin, or Retin A (tretinoin), are some of the more powerful medications used for the treatment of severe skin problems. As with every other chemical based cream they also have their side effects which can include scaling or burning of the skin. You could also be allergic to some of these ingredients so it's best to do a patch test first to rule out any such possibilities.

4) Natural supplements with vitamins, minerals and other therapeutic nutrients when taken orally are also known to cure acne completely by getting rid of the various toxins in our body basically responsible for the cause of acne.

The creams listed above can take care of your acne problems but where you have tried almost everything and nothing seems to be working perhaps it is time u paid your doctor a visit. More severe cases generally require a prescription medicine containing an acne cream ingredient like benzoyl peroxide or a supplement ingredient such as Bioperine extract. Using these prescription medicines is the only way out for such cases to avoid further damage to the skin.


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