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Home Treatment For Acne - How To Treat Acne At Home Fast


Nowadays many medicines have suddenly started invading our lives sometimes through the pages of a beauty magazine and the other through that idiot box in our homes .We have been bombarded every now and then with medicines of different sorts which claim to treat acne in a matter of days. But we all have an idea of how many chemicals are used in the preparation of these prescriptions. For people like myself who do not wish to be putting some chemical X on their faces in order to treat acne, I have put together a list of some home remedies for acne treatment at home.

1. Tea Tree oil, Bergamot Oil, Clove Oil, Lavender Oil, and Rosewood Oil are some natural oils known to have great effects over acne affected skins. People with a more sensitive skin can use these oils by diluting them with a little grape seed oil. These oils should preferably be left on the face overnight and washed off with any pure soap and tap water in the morning to have the best results.

2. Get out in the sun for a few minutes everyday as mainly it is a massive source of vitamin D, which is good for your bones. Secondly, the rays of the sun can wipe out the detrimental bacteria which are a major cause of our skin problems usually and also it can dry out the sebum oil that causes acne in a lot of cases.

3. Fix your diet as well; the real solution of acne can come from our own diet routine. Include some leafy green veggies along with fresh fruits and see the difference. And also don't make water just a part of your dinner; make it a part of your life. You should at least drink up to 8 glasses every day.

4. A homemade oatmeal mask can help. Cook oatmeal and apply to your face when it cools down to good warm temperature. When dried up, wash it away with regular tap water. You can also use uncooked oatmeal together with a little water as a facial scrub.

5. Allergies can cause acne; some processed foods have also been known to be a major cause of acne breakouts. You should visit your G.P to rule out the presence of any food allergies and should include more and more natural products in your diet.

6. Other things that grandma's often advise are, that you should take care of your sleep pattern, wash your face more, and take vitamin E, tonic for a healthy skin!


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