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Natural Acne Treatment - Tips To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

No matter how we perceive it to be acne is actually curable in the beginning by natural herbs and adopting healthy routines. A more nasty type of acne would definitely demand the attention of proper medical services though. In other, mild cases, acne can be very successfully treated with herbs and oils used frequently in our everyday life.

1) We should know how to play with spices. A small amount of good spices can help in digestion whereas excessive usage of spices can cause indigestion resulting in acidity and heartburn.

2) Regular use of fruits and vegetables in our diet can help the skin to a great extent. Moreover direct application on skin has also seen some dramatic effects in lessening acne on skin which happens due to the presence of minerals, essential oils and natural antioxidants in fruits and vegetables.

3) Turmeric has powerful antiseptic properties, which when taken either orally or applied directly to the skin can help in drying out the acne and removing blemishes for good. Make a rich creamy paste together with some coconut/sesame oil and apply it over the acne affected area. Let it air dry and then leave it overnight. The results in the morning will be surprising and if continued for a couple of days this will cause the acne to completely vanish without a trace!

4) Cucumber and tomatoes are also known to ridding the skin off extra oil but they take some time, ideally 3-4 weeks before showing results.

5) A regular intake of water can help eradicate toxic body chemicals and transfer significant nutrients to the bodies which in turn keep the skin naturally healthy and virtually acne free.

6) You can make your personal home-made face scrub by mixing gram flour with a pinch of turmeric and a couple of drops of coconut oil. This will remove dead cells from the skin and will also prevent various forms of bacteria from attacking the skin, thus causing acne.


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